Mercedes S-class W202

1993-2000 of release

Repair and car operation

Mercedes W202
+ 1.2. The general data
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Greasing system
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Heating, ventilation
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. Transmission
+ 10. A running gear
- 11. A steering
   11.2. The block of an inflatable pillow of safety on a steering wheel
   11.3. A steering wheel
   11.4. A steering trapeze
   11.5. Cuffs of hinges of a steering trapeze
   11.6. The pump of the hydraulic booster of a wheel
   11.7. Disorder-convergence installation
   11.8. Easily and easy
   11.9. Maintenance service of system of a steering
   11.10. Diagnostics of malfunctions of system of a steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. A body
+ 14. An electric equipment
+ 14.2. Electroschemes

11.5. Cuffs of hinges of a steering trapeze

Defective cuffs should be replaced urgently, since. проникшая in the hinge the dirt puts it out of action in a short space of time. In doubtful cases the tip of the lever or all steering trapeze in gathering is replaced.


1. Remove a steering trapeze.
2. Remove a flat spring ring (3) by means of a screw-driver.
3. Remove a cuff (2) together with a round spring ring (10) upwards.
4. Instructions: in case of a cuff of the ball hinge between draught and the trapeze lever arrive in the same way, but the lever tip before should be unscrewed.


1. Remove greasing and fill the ball hinge about 3 sm3 of multi-purpose greasing, for example, Shell Retinax And.
2. Insert a new spring ring (10) round sections into a rubber cuff.
3. A rubber cuff (2) put on through a hinge pin.
4. A flat spring ring (3) put by means of a screw-driver with the rounded off edges not to damage a rubber cuff.
5. Put into place a steering trapeze.