Mercedes S-class W202

1993-2000 of release

Repair and car operation

Mercedes W202
+ 1.2. The general data
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Greasing system
+ 5. Cooling system
+ 6. Heating, ventilation
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Fuel system
+ 9. Transmission
- 10. A running gear
   + 10.1.2. Shock-absorbers
   + 10.1.3. Forward springs
   10.1.4. The stabilizer of cross-section stability
   + 10.2. The back bridge
   10.3. What for the shock-absorber is necessary
   10.4. Types of shock-absorbers
   10.5. Additional protection of spherical hinges of steering draughts
   10.6. "Artful" bolts and nuts
+ 11. A steering
+ 12. Brake system
+ 13. A body
+ 14. An electric equipment
+ 14.2. Electroschemes

10.5. Additional protection of spherical hinges of steering draughts

Spherical hinges are capable to serve long only in the event that water and a dirt do not get to them. Consolidation of hinges can be improved and by that to increase their durability if on each spherical finger (preliminary having taken out it from a nest) over available factory rubber sealant 2 to put on the washer 3 which have been cut out from soft foam rubber in the thickness of 10-15 mm.

More simple, but the effective way of protection of spherical hinges consists that wrap up them in 2–3 layers a polyvinylchloride film. The film ends fix изоляционной a tape.

The durability spherical шарнирова a steering trapeze and a suspension bracket in many respects depends on an integrity of rubber protective covers. The damaged covers it is possible to replace successfully with scraps of the bicycle chamber in length of 100-120 mm. An internal part of a cover fix rings the in width of 10 mm from the same chamber, and external on draught – a copper wire in diameter about 1 mm.

That hinges of a steering trapeze of cars served longer, from foam rubber in the thickness of 40 mm cut out a ring in external diameter of 65 mm and internal – 10 mm. Impregnate it нигролом and, slightly having wrung out, put in a cover of the hinge greased "Litolom 24" at assemblage. Supervision show that нигрол protects the hinge from water better, than "Litol 24" to which should fill a cover. Scarce greasing is thus saved also.

The label of a rubber patch is usually useless, as in an operating time of a cover it falls off. It is possible to restore tightness of several covers in such a way. The pure internal gasoline internal and external surfaces of a cover to grease with glue "88" and to impose a layer of a thin kapron fabric (a piece of a female stocking). Then – two more layers, too with glue.

After drying to put covers on the car where they will regularly serve.

How to save up hinges of steering draughts? On cars at which they are greased through press butterdishes by means of a syringe, recommend to draw in before this operation a spring of the hinge a clamp. Some superfluous minutes on car service – but a guarantee that greasing in the hinge are completely replaced, removed abrasive particles, a dirt.

On some models hinges of steering draughts have no press butterdishes for greasing. Therefore it is necessary from time to time (through 3-5 thousand in km of run, depending on service conditions) to do to these knots "prick". Take a usual medical syringe on 10 sm3 and a thick needle to it. Warm up нигрол or гипоидную greasing, fill in a syringe and, punctures rubber грязезащитный a cap in the top part of the hinge, enter a portion of greasing. The aperture in rubber will be tightened at once, when you pull out a needle.

Hinges in a steering drive of some cars are not subject to greasing. Factory experts consider that in operation to replace the worn out knot new more cheaply. From the point of view of the motorist it not absolutely so. To grease knot of one-two time a year is cheaper, than to pay for a new detail and work on replacement. Therefore by the car, without removing details, drill in the centre of everyone заглушки an aperture in diameter of 5,2 mm. Accurately, that the shaving has not got in hinges, нарежте in apertures carving М6, same, as well as in cases of spherical hinges on suspension bracket levers. Of screws M6 make stoppers in length of 4-5 mm for apertures.

After such alteration each time, serving the car, fill up greasing in all hinges, having adapted for this purpose штауферную a butterdish 4 with the soldered carving tip of suitable diameter.

Maintenance instructions of many cars recommend to assort and resupply through everyone 100 thousand kilometres of run of greasing in them. However in practice, and especially at driving on dirty roads, necessity for replenishment or greasing replacement arises much more often. Not to assort thus hinges, it is possible to make in their carving stoppers of an aperture in which cut carving М6, and to wrap in them butterdishes.

After such completion to grease hinges – business of several minutes, only for average hinges the syringe with the bent tip is required. That the dirt did not get to butterdishes, upon termination of work put on them rubber caps.